Prokol FireGuard Pro 200

Coating which achieves an excellent and safe reaction with fire and has fire class A2-s1,d0.

Article number: 42081


Prokol FireGuard Pro 200 is a primerless application or high-solid 2 K coating based on polyurea combinations. Prokol FireGuard Pro 200 has been developed to achieve an excellent and safe reaction with fire, combined with easy cleanability and high UV resistance. Fireguard has fire class A2-s1,d0. This products has easy cleanability and high UV resistance and is suitable for coating mineral surfaces, metals, wood and plasterboard.

This product reaches optimal properties when it comes to fire safety, mechanical properties and weather resistance with a layer thickness of 150 micron.

Prokol FireGuard Pro 200 curing quickly at room temperature.

Independently tested by Warrington Fire Gent.
Test method EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009.
Classification Report No: 18831B class A2-s1,d0.


Prokol FireGuard Pro 200 is suitable for:

  • Mineral/cement- and plaster-bound surfaces
  • Wood
  • Metal


  • 5 kg set
  • 10 kg set


  Product Data Sheet (PDS)

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Base

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Hardener

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