Liquid synthetics in the logistics and transport sector

At Prokol, we are well aware of the significant role that liquid synthetics (coatings) play in protecting a substrate. Coatings from Prokol are utilized across various sectors, including the logistics industry. This includes applications in cold storage facilities, distribution centers, and transportation. With their diverse and specific properties, coatings contribute in various ways within these sectors.

Green Heights

Sustainability and greenification are current and important topics, also within Prokol's field of expertise. In urban living environments, green spaces are often scarce. As a solution, greenification is reaching new heights through rooftop gardens and vertical forests. CEO Ron Koolen shares his insights and vision for the future on this topic, alongside the developments and opportunities within Prokol.

The significance of liquid synthetics in the industry sector

Coatings form a crucial part of the industry sector and play a vital role in protecting materials against corrosion, wear, and other forms of damage. An important advantage of applying a coating is that it extends the lifespan of materials and substrates, thereby minimizing downtime due to maintenance.

Want to protect your environment and property against fire(works)?

Fireworks are commonly used at festive events like New Year’s Eve. In some countries, like The Netherlands, the private use of and storage of fireworks is common (minimal and temporary). Even during a national fireworks ban, with all the associated risks, this will continue to apply. At times like these, fire safety is extra important, when it comes to roofing.

Prokol launches new website!

After more than 30 years of experience, there is still no reason for Prokol to stop the development of liquid synthetics. New information has come up due to these developments and Prokol would like to share them with you! Take a look around, get inspired and we'll hopefully talk to each other soon.

Floating Pavilion

A striking new building has been built in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven: a complex of three floating half globes. The floating bodies are made of EPS and provided with a polyurea "skin" based on hotspray products by Prokol. 

BMW Pavilion Olympics with Prokol Hotspray

Together with partner ECO, Prokol took care of coating the BMW Pavilion at the 2012 Olympics in London. The pavilion consisted of 800 square meters and looked like it was floating above water.