Want to protect your environment and property against fire(works)?

Fireworks are commonly used at festive events like New Year’s Eve. In some countries, like The Netherlands, the private use of and storage of fireworks is common (minimal and temporary). Even during a national fireworks ban, with all the associated risks, this will continue to apply. At times like these, fire safety is extra important, when it comes to roofing.

Sector growth

Looking at the various sectors of which Prokol has a solution, we come across ‘roofs and roof gardens’. A sector that shows significant growth since the development of MonoSeal and since the fact that working with open flame on roofs is increasingly restricted. MonoSeal is a hand-applied roof coating based on pure polyurea with an elongation of 1530%, offering tremendous elasticity. A product which will seamlessly follow any shape on a roof and results in a waterproof finish which is also resistant to big temperature changes. Combined with multiple fire safety certificates, MonoSeal does not disappoint in protecting your building.


Not only will MonoSeal suffice as Fire Safe protection for your roof. Besides MonoSeal hand applied material, Prokol offers Rocathaan Hotspray PA 260-FR as another solution. With many similarities, the difference being this product is applied via a Hotspray system. Using a warm, high pressure (spray) system, the product will create a seamless and protective layer. Please note that the surface conditions and circumstances play an important part in finding the correct product match for your project.

Solar panels

Installing solar panels is also a big growing market. It is useful to know that both of Prokol’s products as mentioned above are suitable as installation surface.

The event sector

Rocathaan Hotspray PA 260-FR after testing received multiple fire safety certificates (including Warrington Fire). These results show that even polyurethane foams can be coated with Rocathaan Hotspray PA 260-FR. This gives the opportunity besides roofing to provide different constructions, structures or art with (fire safe) protection. This makes a product that is useful for the event and/or stage industry where art and decorations are combined with the use of fireworks. A great addition to the (Dutch) festival and event sector!