Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality and environment policy

Prokol is committed to a comprehensive quality and service culture.”Quality First” is the standard by which every production process, every workplace and every member of staff is measured. We are prepared to perform our best to maintain our high standards of working but also to meet the needs and wishes of our customers as promptly and efficiently as possible.

Optimized processes for utmost quality

Prokol challenges each of its businesses to perform at their best, particularly opposite customers. Top-notch quality is basic to customer service. By keeping quality and efficacy constant Prokol strives to maintain customer trust and increase customer satisfaction.

Passing the acid test

Prokol products are only marketed after their properties, applications as well as durability have been thoroughly tested by scientific methods and under field conditions in keeping with clearly defined processes. Products are only introduced once we can promise customers the quality they expect from Prokol.

Prokol services what it sells

We do not just manufacture products, but also make attendant consultations an integrated part of our service. In this effort we make a precise assessment of customer needs so that we can supply the product best suited to his requirements. We also furnish technical data as a means of assuring proper application of Prokol products. Special care is devoted to making such information readily understandable to users in their respective operations.


Prokol operates according to the principle that responsibility for the environment and safety is an integral part of every managerial task and a concern of each employee. In particular, we care for the environment and pay attention to the safety of everybody dealing in

  • research and development
  • procurement, production, storage, transportation and disposal
  • product application in construction and industry.

We fully endorse the worldwide “Responsible Care” program initiated by the chemical industry. Prokol sees the challenge for environmental improvements as a genuine market opportunity. Today ecological issues are the driving force behind approximately 50% of all R&D projects.