Green heights | By Ron Koolen

Sustainability and greenification are current and important topics, also within Prokol’s field of expertise. In urban living environments, green spaces are often scarce. As a solution, greenification is reaching new heights through rooftop gardens and vertical forests. CEO Ron Koolen shares his insights and vision for the future on this topic, alongside the developments and opportunities within Prokol.

Greenery is often very scarce in (urban) residential environments. Therefore, people search more often for solutions to bring greenery into the city. In my profession, I have noticed that cities tend to go up in height. Roof gardens and vertical forests are getting more and more common. This is also highly stimulated by local and national governments. During conversations with architects and clients, I noticed that they often want to be more sustainable. I personally favour the sustainable solution. With our younger generations, including my own daughters, I see a turnpoint. We are becoming more conscious about the moves we make. Personally I think that this is a beautiful and much needed development. 

Let’s get back to green roofs. When choosing a green roof, you are contributing by making your living environment more sustainable. In a lot of regions and areas a subsidy is provided when choosing a green roof. Beside this being a nice advantage, above all it makes for a more pleasant living environment. I think the majority of us can agree. Green roofs give a cooling effect, which result in a cooler living environment reducing the need for airconditioning. A green roof helps with drainage of rainwater which will reduce waterlogging/floods. Research has shown that having a green roof will provide 6% to 8% more return on solar roof panels because the roof surface and the air above it will remain cooler. Green roofs can also last for 70 years in combination with a correct roof protection. Once you’ll have your green roof, more birds, butterflies and other insects will present. The plants on the roof will absorb dust and nitrogen from the air and convert this into oxygen. There are a long list of other benefits not mentioned which make it worth considering a green roof. 

Besides the benefits, there are also points to note. A green roof will increase the weight of a roof and will need maintaining from time to time. It is essential that your roof has a sustainable protection as the chance of leaks is simply greater due to construction and maintenance on the roof. The roof must also be able to withstand root growth.

This makes it easy for me to make a connection towards Prokol’s roofing systems. In our 35 years as a specialist of developing liquid synthetic coatings, we’ve gained quite the experience. Prokol’s (roofing) systems have been used on wide variety of applications worldwide, with light or heavy load. Including roof gardens or other height related greenery.

Prokol’s roofing systems have a long durability, are completely seamless and withstand root growth and/or other mechanical influences. Construction works on a Prokol roofing system are no problem at all. The liquid nature of our systems result in a seamless protection and ensures that all details can be seamlessly incorporated without making concessions on waterproofing.

Years of gained experience taught me that every project is different, as well as that for every project there is a solution. Together with Team Prokol, I have a sustainable future vision. Do you have questions, project plans or are you looking for a solution? We are more than ready! Together we can create more green heights.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Ron Koolen | CEO Prokol Protective Coatings