At Prokol, we are well aware of the significant role that liquid synthetics (coatings) play in protecting a substrate. Coatings from Prokol are utilized across various sectors, including the logistics industry. This includes applications in cold storage facilities, distribution centers, and transportation. With their diverse and specific properties, coatings contribute in various ways within these sectors.

In cold storage facilities, each industry has its own requirements that a refrigeration or freezer cell must meet. Prokol provides specific systems for this purpose that comply with legal requirements. In general, no dirt should accumulate, and refrigeration and freezer cells should be easy to clean.

A suitable option is a hotspray system. This system utilizes a hotspray finish based on polyurea or polyurethane, ensuring seamless joints. The end result simplifies maintenance, as it can be easily cleaned with warm water and a high-pressure sprayer. This allows the refrigeration and freezer cell to be quickly put back into use.

In distribution centers, the floor is used throughout the day. Forklifts drive over it, heavy weights are placed on it, or liquids are handled on it. It is therefore crucial that the floor be of high quality and meets the requirements of a location. Prokol offers flooring systems that are strong, durable, resistant to chemicals, and, where necessary, anti-slip. Since each location has different usage purposes, substrates, and specific requirements, this influences the choice of the flooring system that best fits a location.

Properly securing cargo is crucial for reliable transportation. It not only prevents danger to the driver but also to other road users. That’s why Prokol offers an important solution to prevent shifting loads with its MegaGrip systems.

Prokol MegaGrip is a special anti-slip floor finish that has been extensively tested and certified by Dekra. These floors can be applied in various vehicles including trailers, box trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, and pickup trucks. The MegaGrip floor is applied using hotspray technique. Heat and high pressure ensure that the layer cures within seconds. This allows for even wheel arches and other shapes to be seamlessly incorporated into the floor finish.

The benefits of MegaGrip:

  1. Safety: The anti-slip properties reduce the risk of shifting loads.
  2. Cost savings: Properly secured cargo prevents damage and loss.
  3. Efficiency: Fewer fasteners are needed, speeding up the process of securing loads.

With all these options, it’s natural to have doubts about the right product. Take a look at our system sheets for more information on your specific application. If you still have questions or if you have a unique situation you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact Prokol. We’re eager to take on challenges together with you.

“Prokol MegaGrip is a special anti-slip floor finish that has been extensively tested and certified by Dekra”

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