Rocathaan Hotspray MP 430

Highly reactive, solvent-free hotspray coating based on modified polyurea. 

Article number: 19430


Highly reactive, solvent-free, aromatic hotspray coating based on modified polyurea. Used as watertight, durable sealing and finish for a variety of surfaces.  

Forms a durable, water- and airtight, permanent lining for trucks,  pick-up trucks, dump trucks and steel containers. Suitable for theme parks as a protective coating over foam, EPS and other structures to create decoratives, themed characters, artificial rocks and environments. Can also be used as (watertight) floor coating in the construction sector for, among other things, galleries and balconies.


Rocathaan Hotspray MP 430 is suitable for:

  • Foam
  • EPS


  •  38 kg set (already on colour) 
  • 425 kg set (colourless product)
    4,5 kg Prokol Hotspray Color Pasta 


  Product Data Sheet (PDS)

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Base

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Hardener

Additional information


Modified polyurea 

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