Rocathaan Hotspray PA 480-ESD

Electrically conductive, highly reactive and solvent-free hotspray coating.

Article number: 19480


 Electrically conductive, highly reactive and solvent-free hotspray coating, based on full-fledged, aromatic polyurea technology. Once cured, a hard top layer is formed with a good balance between impact resistance and elasticity. 

As protection and/or sealing of tanks, containers, concrete or steel surfaces such as floors where electrical conductivity is required. 

Certificates available: 

  • Electrically conductive! Independently tested by TÜV Süd – Germany. The surfaces measured with Rocathaan Hotspray PA 480-ESD are electrostatically conductive according to TRGS 727 for floors in potentially explosive areas.
    o Electrical leakage resistance: <107 ohm
    o The measured values on metal: 340 to 410 Mohm
    o The measured values on concrete: 500 Mohm


Rocathaan Hotspray PA 480-ESD is suitable for:

  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Floors where electrical conductivity is required.


  •  39,25 kg set (already on colour) 
  • 447,5 kg set (colourless product)
    4,5 kg Prokol Hotspray Color Pasta 


  Product Data Sheet (PDS)

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Base

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Hardener

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