Rocathaan Hotspray PU 650

Hotspray which will be hard and sandable when cured.

Article number: 19650


Hotspray coating based on aromatic polyurethanes. Once cured the coating will be hard and sandable with a good impact resistance.

This product is used for coating metals, various closed grain wood varieties and for coating EPS, XPS and other hard types of insulation.

Rocathaan Hotspray PU 650 is processed both with and without glass fibre which would require the use of a special pistol configuration.


Rocathaan Hotspray PU 650 is suitable for:

  • Metals
  • Various closed grain wood variaties
  • EPS
  • XPS
  • Hard types of insulation


  • 40,6 kg set (already on colour)
  • 425 kg set (colourless product)
    4,5 kg Prokol Hotspray Color Pasta


  Product Data Sheet (PDS)

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Base

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Hardener

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