TX Adhesion Promotor

 TX Adhesion Promotor is used as an adhesion enhancer on multiple surfaces.

Article number: 11125


TX Adhesion Promotor is used as an adhesion enhancer on: glass, varnished surfaces, aluminium, steel, old galvanized materials etc. This promotor displaces (limited) moisture in mineral surfaces and is also (limited) effective in the case of surfaces contaminated with silicones. 

Improves the wet and dry adhesion of reactive synthetics such as polyurethane and epoxy systems on various surfaces. TX Adhesion Promotor is not visible. 


TX Adhesion Promotor is suitable for:

  • Glass
  • Varnished surfaces
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Old galvanized materials
  • and more


  • 1 kg blik
  • 5 kg blik


  Product Data Sheet (PDS)

  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

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