Rocathaan | PA-HS PU 136-T 35


For finishing sprayed polyurethane insulatio

System example

  1. Insulating material with the right compression and density
  2. Rocathaan Hotspray PA 136-T (2 – 3 kg/m²/layer)
  3. First layer of Rocathaan Topcoat 35 in the desired colour
    (± 0,20 kg/m²/layer)
  4. Second layer of Rocathaan Topcoat 35 in the desired colour
    (± 0,15 kg/m²/layer)

If desired, another brand and type of topcoating may be used. Check whether this goes together with the previous layer.

Most important properties
  • Solvent-free
  • Impact resistant
Application area’s
  • Roofs
  • Tanks outside
Product use

Before applying this system, consult the relevant product and information sheets and, if necessary, contact your technical adviser.

The stated consumption figures are indicative and based on smooth, flat surfaces. The actual consumption depends on the method, roughness and suction of the substrate.

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