Vopak | Rotterdam


Koninklijke Vopak N.V. is the world’s largest independent tank storage service provider, specialising in the storage and transfer of liquid bulk chemicals, gases and oil products. In 2014, a considerable expansion took place within the Botlek Rotterdam tank park. 


The tanks are installed on a base that incorporates a special drip tray provision. The walls are constructed from steel sheet piles, which are, however, not completely liquid-proof. 


A solution for this was found in the form of a permanent liner based on Prokol Polyurea Hotspray. 

First, the sheet piles were dug free so that the sealing could be applied deep enough. 

The seams were treated with a special sealant, thereby creating a closed subsurface. 

The subsurface was then sandblasted with minimum dust formation and provided with a rust-resistant primer. 

A seamless liner based on Prokol Hotspray Polyurea was applied in a thickness of 2.5 mm. This liner is fully resistant to the oil products stored in the tanks. 

As a check, intermediate layer thickness measurements were made and a so-called pore test was performed. This way, it could be stated with absolute certainty that the liner would be liquid-proof. 

End result 

A reliable emergency receptacle has been created in combination with the special sand bed. 

This will function flawlessly for the next half century, without any form of maintenance needed. 

Project details 

Client: Vopak Rotterdam 

Installation company: Van Ginkel 

Execution: 3rd quarter 2014 

Function: Secondary barrelling 

System applied: Prokol IND/U-RW136